Abbey Lighting Solutions provides a tailor made Lighting design and manufacturing service with the flexibility and infrastructure to produce ‘bespoke’ luminaires where off the shelf products just won’t do.

The Decorative Chandeliers commissioned by NEXT, are a proven example of Abbey Lighting’s ‘turn key’ manufacturing capabilities and why we are continuing to be sourced by some of the UK’s leading high street retailers and designers to turn ideas inspirational ideas into high quality innovative Lighting solutions.

The Sputnik chandelier campaign ran for over 3 years and 259 Crystal Chandeliers with a total of 65,000 hand glued Crystals, were installed in over 100 NEXT stores across the UK. Three sizes of Crystal Sputniks were manufactured by Abbey, 0.5m, 1m, and 1.5m  – each Sputnik was assembled by hand here in our UK manufacturing facility with over 25km of wire been used across the entire project.