In 2010 Abbey worked very excitedly with a Retail Design agency, to produce a fully Bespoke Vintage Cage Light for LEVI’S ‘Just for You’, promotional campaign.

From a stunning in store design concept, our dedicated team designed and produced a Vintage Cage Light mimicked on the traditional cage lighting used for mining. Each cage light was hand made, welded, painted and assembled in the UK by Abbey, with many components being sourced locally from trusted suppliers. Specific Gold Braided cable, painted finish and lamp colour, were also critical to the project ensuring every element of the campaign matched perfectly.

The Vintage Cage Lights were assembled in configurations of 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. Each light configuration was wired onto bespoke pre drilled and finished wooden ballasts, which were shipped pre assembled, by Abbey, with pre installation plug & play wiring solutions direct to Levi’s stores across the UK and most of Europe.