Global lighting track is a leading brand of Lighting track in Europe. Abbey is a UK distributor of GLOBAL Trac systems and Abbey’s own track light fittings are manufactured and supplied complete with a GLOBAL Trac adapter with the choice of either GLOBAL trac single circuit or GLOBAL 3 circuit Trac adapter options.

GLOBAL Lighting Tracks are used in museums, offices, department stores, shop windows etc. Lighting Tracks allow more flexibility in Lighting planning. Should lighting requirements change the spotlights can easily be rearranged.
GLOBAL TRAC systems are quick and easy to install. Besides lighting tracks the complete track system includes adapters, connectors and suspension parts.

GLOBAL TRAC and lighting can be supplied in 1 off’s or small, medium and large order quantities. Trade, wholesale, and OEM discounts available. If you can’t find the exact GLOBAL Trac product you require on our website Abbey may be able to source it for you.

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